Paramount Pictures – New Star Trek Trailer Online!

Paramount Pictures has released the next, and latest, movie trailer for the upcoming film Star Trek, shown with superhero flick Watchmen, also released by Paramount Pictures.

After being delayed from last Christmas towards the later release date of spring 2009, the eleventh film is only a few short months from release. Expected to come towards the big screen this May, the picture, titled simply Star Trek, follows the original adventures from the crew with the original series, set prior for the events with the original tv series.

Much concerning the specific plot remains unknown at this point, however, many details might be presumed from what can be seen in the trailer itself. All from the original characters will be inside the movie, as will Captain Pike who was simply the captain with the Enterprise before Kirk took command. The movie explores the backstories of James T. Kirk and Spock, before they meet aboard the USS Enterprise to combat Nero, a Romulan in the future who threatens the United Federation of Planets. ซีรี่ย์จีน , still a cadet at Starfleet Acadamy, serves aboard the Enterprise underneath the command of Pike (Bruce Greenwood) through the events of the movie.

The lead role of James T. Kirk will likely be portrayed by Chris Pine, with Zachary Quinto (Heroes) portraying the role of Spock. Leonard Nimoy also reprises his role as Spock within the movie, playing a mature Spock.

The newest movie trailer, presented by Paramount Pictures exclusively on iTunes, is available online only on for that weekend. On Monday the trailer will probably be available on the rest in the internet.

There happen to be a total of four years old previews released to the upcoming movie from Paramount Pictures, with three full movie trailers (one teaser trailer and a couple detailed previews) and something television commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl. If you haven’t already gone over to view the preview you need to. The trailer is quite well done.

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